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Corrective maintenance
  • For the management of malfunctions, the main services offered are:

    ▪ Intervention by qualified personnel within an agreed time frame from the identification
    ▪ Intervention of qualified personnel within an agreed time frame from fault identification, in order to identify the origin of the fault, classify the type of repair (Minor/Major) and, if necessary, secure the system
    ▪ Immediate repair of minor faults (i.e. faults that do not require specific spare parts to be solved, but can be handled by
    qualified personnel using standard components)
    ▪ Management of external interventions, when required, to correct major faults
    ▪ Insurance claim management

  • The effectiveness of the response strongly depends on the type of monitoring implemented
    At the contract drafting stage, based on an on-site inspection,
    we propose and agree with the customer the monitoring and corrective maintenance management service best suited to the type of plant